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Paw Paw’s* Home Preschool while Sheltering in Place (SIP)

(*PawPaw is Grandmother in Chinese)

Debbie LeeKeenan, a veteran NAEYC member and her husband have the good fortune to live near two of their grandchildren and have been caring for them during Shelter in Place(SIP).  They both have been providing activities for a 1.5 and a 3.5 year old which are developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive, open-ended, and can be adapted for a broader range of ages. Debbie has generously agreed to partner with the Asian Interest Forum to provide some examples of the activities to all of us. As Debbie stated, "These experiences are invitations for learning and use simple materials. They are also based on the interests of the children, encourage play, curiosity, and creativity."  Below you will find Debbie's SIP daily activities with her grandchildren in three parts by the sequence of days, days 1-12, days 13-24, and finally days 25-36. You can click the days icon and it will take you to her SIP activity diary. We hope you will appreciate these photos as much as we do, and share them with anyone you know who are staying home with young children. 

Days 1-12


Days 13-24


Days 25-36

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After visiting our page, if you have questions or comments regarding Debbie's SIP activities, please contact her at You can also find out more about her work @


We wish to send a special heartfelt thank you to Debbie, her husband and family for working with us to bring these resources to our members. We are also sending large virtual hugs to their granddaughters. 

For all NAEYC members and staff, we want to thank you for your continued support of AIF's mission.

For more COVID-19 resources developed by the AIF, please return to NAEYC AIF HOMEPAGE

Sandy Baba, Ph.D., Jenny Yen, Ph.D.

Co-Facilitators, NAEYC AIF


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